The Feedgrounds Conundrum

The Feedgrounds Conundrum

Brucellosis spreads as Wyoming tries to protect livestock

As he does every single morning from November into April, Bondurant, Wyoming, rancher Kevin Campbell leads his two draft horses, Ed and Smoke, out of their pen and harnesses them to the hay wagon to feed elk.

Pronghorn antelope. Drawing by Bethann Merkle. Reproduction requires permission of the artist.

The Big Picture

New research explores how critters fare in the oil and gas fields

Over the last 15 years, drilling has intensified in formerly remote wildlife habitats across the West.

Mule deer cross a lake outlet during their 150-mile-long fall migration from the Hoback Basin to the Red Desert. Photo by Joe Riis.

Solutions: Sustaining Migrations

The journey from discovery to conservation in the Red Desert to Hoback mule deer corridor

It was going to be a routine mule deer study. The Bureau of Land Management contracted Hall Sawyer

Farming Sagebrush

Farming Sagebrush

Can fertilizer grow more deer on public lands?

Imagine the old green fertilizer spreader you haul out every spring to urge your tired lawn back to greenness, but much bigger and suspended from the bottom of a helicopter.

Horned lark nestlings. Photo courtesy Anika Mahoney.

Life Among the Turbines

Researcher explores how grassland birds respond to wind farms

On the eastern Wyoming plains, the wind whips hard across tough little bunch grasses

Bird v. Bird

Bird v. Bird

The complicated relationship between sage grouse and their avian predators

Photo by Charlie Reinertsen.
Photo by Charlie Reinertsen.

Rancher Truman Julian says he has “a place in his heart” for greater sage grouse.

Untreated Wyoming big sagebrush

Sagebrush Treatments

Dr. Jeffrey Beck and his colleagues and students have quantified canopy cover, measured native and invasive plants, counted insects including ants

The Trout Effect

The Trout Effect

Cutthroat trout once linked aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in Yellowstone National Park. As their numbers decline, the link is weakening.

Grizzly bear. Photo by Mark Gocke.

Grizzlies and Whitebarks

Where do bears turn when an important food source starts to vanish?

Golden and red-hued leaves and crisp evenings mark the coming of fall in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem