A rock climber ascends a sport route in Tensleep Canyon, Wyoming.

Ascending to the Challenge

Rock climbers in a remote Wyoming canyon may help shape national public lands climbing management

By Nita Tallent

On an early summer day in 2018, a group of sport rock climbers—packs laden with ropes, quickdraws, harnesses, shoes, and chalk—clambered up a makeshift trail in Tensleep Canyon, Wyoming.

Three reddish-capped mushrooms on a forest floor

Foraging for Data

The power of mushroom hunting as both outdoor recreation and community science

By Shelby Nivitanont

While off-path and crouching at the base of a stoic fir, I took in my surroundings with an exhalation and fresh eyes. Huge, ruby-red mushroom caps pushed up through the earth around me—countless Boletus rubriceps, or Rocky Mountain porcini.

Sabine Mellmann-Brown

Time Warp

Wyoming plants of bygone eras

We have all seen movies where characters step back in time.

After the Burn

After the Burn

Fontenelle fire sparks collaboration to protect local ecosystems and economies

In late June of 2012, the Fontenelle fire ripped across the Wyoming Range, torching forests and shrublands.

Beetle Kill

Beetle-Kill Fuels Bioenergy

Innovations Turn a Rocky Mountain Disaster into a Clean Energy Opportunity

On a morning in early March, I ride with Cody Neff, owner of West Range Reclamation (WRR), in his truck from Frisco, Colorado, to the company’s nearby worksite

Up in Flames

Up in Flames

The Economics of Protecting Homes in the Wildland Urban Interface

This photo, taken by Casper Star-Tribune photographer Alan Rogers during the 2012 Sheep Herder Hill fire on Casper Mountain, says it all:

Zombie Trees

Zombie Trees

If Bark-Beetle-Killed Trees Aren’t Using the Water, Where is it Going?

“We call them zombie trees.”

Collaboration in Action

Collaboration in Action

Wilderness and Livestock Advocates Advise US Forest Service on New Planning Rule

When Jim Magagna, Executive Vice President of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, arrived at the first national advisory committee meeting for forest planning, he looked around