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Editor’s Note

Jan 10, 2022

As population growth, energy demand, climate change, and other forces place growing pressure on the landscapes of the American West, how do we achieve prosperous, sustainable environments for people and nature? What projects, policies, markets, and other tools will promote economic, social, and ecological well-being? How can we reshape our relationships with the wild landscapes where we live, work, and play, for the long-term health of all? 

In monthly email installments over the next year, Western Confluence will release a suite of stories showcasing diverse answers to these questions. We already have some planned, and we want to hear your ideas too. Send us new thinking, paradigm shifts, or even time-tested solutions to the challenge of equitably advancing human well-being alongside ecological health. Let us know what policy mechanisms your institute is working on, what conservation experiment your neighbor has embarked on, or what innovative programs your community is offering. Address tips, ideas, and story pitches to editor@westernconfluence.org 

In the meantime, stay tuned for in-depth reporting to come via our website and email newsletter. Sign up, or subscribe a friend, at westernconfluence.org/subscribe.